Cost-Share Available to Farmers for Cover Crop Application

Don't Farm NakedThe Wabash County Soil & Water Conservation District (SWCD) is excited to announce they have two possible funding opportunities for cost-share assistance towards fall cover crop application. If you farm in the Middle Eel River Watershed and/or the Wabash River Watershed in Wabash County and currently use or have ever thought about applying cover crops, now is your chance!


Middle Eel River Watershed– Last year the Wabash County SWCD was awarded a $70,000.00 Lake And River Enhancement (LARE) Grant and successfully allocated all those funds for the application of fall 2015 cover crops. They have submitted a second grant this year and are waiting to hear if it has been accepted.  Meanwhile, the district would like you to submit an application and ranking sheet to them, so that if they are awarded the funds the recipients are in place.  You can apply for up to 300 acres of cover crops and the cost-share reimbursement is $35.00 an acre.


Wabash River Watershed- In 2015 through the Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Grant Program the Wabash County SWCD and the Miami County SWCD were awarded a $75,000.00 grant for cover crop application to be spent over the next three years. We have funds left that are secured and there will be cost-share on cover crop applications this fall.  The maximum amount of acres that you can apply for is 100 and the cost-share reimbursement is $20.00 an acre.


If you applied for either of these programs last year you may reapply, but preference will be given to first time applications. Both the Middle Eel River Watershed and Wabash River Watershed Applications and Ranking Forms are due June 20th.  Call the Wabash County SWCD at 260-563-7486 ext. 3 so they can send you an application or stop by the office at 599 Bryan Avenue to fill out your forms.


Cover crops are very beneficial to decrease soil erosion, increase soil fertility, improve water infiltration and boost over-all soil health. The Wabash County SWCD Board of Supervisors have personal experience in using cover crops and would love to help you succeed!  Please contact us if you ever have any questions, a SWCD Board Member or Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) Staff Member can help you.

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